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relâmpago amarelo
BOOK I "Memoirs of a Vampire", BOOK II "Ascension of Arcana", BOOK III "The Redemption", "Ashes of a New World" and "Shadow of a Pilgrim"

Rafael Loureiro, Physical Education Teacher, practitioner and Master of Martial Arts, and producer, never lost the taste for writing that he cultivated from an early age. your Soul and your Demons. He then decided to start describing them in his poems, signing them as DelMoona, his alter-ego. It was also at that time that he raised his black robes to never stop wearing them.‍Not satisfied, he decides to write stories, adventures, about this character he discovered within himself. One day, he is suggested to compile them into a book, and thus Memórias de um Vampiro was born, published in Author's Edition in 2007 and later by Editorial Presença in 2009.

Naturally followed by the sequel with Arcana Ascension, first published also in Author Edition, and finally A Redenção.

His entire narrative is a very close parallel to his own life and his reality, of events that happened to him and translate, of course, into the reality of Daimon DelMoona.

In 2016, he finishes a new book, Ashes of a New World, a novel in a tech noir universe, a dystopian and independent branch of the Nocturnus Trilogy universe set in 2111.

In 2020 he launches a very personal book. A Pilgrim's Shadow is an extraordinary novel that moves along various esoteric lines, from Catholicism to demonology, to the madness of sleep deprivation and loss of faith. In this environment, situated within but independent of the other books in the Universo Nocturnus, the character's true self and, perhaps, the reader's own self will be discovered.


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