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relâmpago amarelo
"Red Sonja", "L'Angélus", "A Rainha no Palácio das Correntes de Ar" and "Shi"
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Born in 1975 in Barcelona, ​​Josep Homs studied drawing at Escola Joso and emigrated for some time to the United States where he worked, among others, especially for Marvel, the giant of American comics. Homs will design "Red Sonja", with a screenplay by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, or "Blade" by screenwriter Christopher Hinz. But after two years of intense work, disappointed with the pace and constraints of the American market, he decided to return to Europe and to his earlier, more Franco-Belgian inclinations.

In 2010, for Dupuis, he drew "L'Angélus", a diptych written by Frank Giroud for his famous "Secrets" collection, followed later, for the same publisher, by the comic book adaptation of "Millennium", the trilogy by the Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, which achieved great worldwide success and whose script was signed by Sylvain Runberg. Homs produced the first two diptychs ("Men who hate women"), published from March 2013, leaving his countryman Man to draw the next two ("The girl who dreamed of a gas can and a phosphorus”) before taking on the design of “The Queen in the Palace of Air Currents”.

In 2017, Josep signed the design of a new series written by Zidrou, “Shi”, with which he won, in October of the same year, the Saint-Michel award for best design.

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