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João Mateus
Panel "Music for Video Games"

Panel "Music for Video Games"

Just like graphics, mechanics and design, music in videogames has also evolved side by side with technology.

Simple chiptunes sounds from the consoles, and computers of the past, gave way to orchestrations that we hear in video games today. The new production and musical composition tools have given independent composers the opportunity to stand out and present their work.

To tell us about their journey and experiences with music in video games, we have 4 gamer composers: Nelson Milheiro, game designer and video game composer who has the game Xisto in his curriculum; Ricardo Vieira, a longtime composer who started composing on trackers and software on the Commodore Amiga; Beatriz Avelino is a singer, pianist and composer in musical projects, with a master's degree in Game Design and Playful Media and passionate about the arts. Moderating the panel is João Mateus, who produces content on the Retro Raider channel for several platforms and is a commentator on the Retrogamers program on Sic Advnce.

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