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Anime e Manga
Joana Rosa
Dreamland Protectors Author
8 december

Synopsis Dreamland ProtectorsDreams… for each one of us, dreaming has a different meaning. For some, they are the goals that justify the day-to-day struggle. For others, they are mere daydreams of the mind while they sleep. For Panko, her dreams are an escape from her boring and aimless life.

One day, she has a different dream. A recurring dream where he is accompanied by Babur, a creature created by him, and where he meets other dreamers whose imaginations are as fertile as his.

Some obsessed with their nightmares and others able to fight to defend everyone's dreams. Panko finds the goal he wanted. Something that will profoundly change dreams, and more importantly, your real life.

Joana Rosa, author of "Dreamland Protectors" will be at Comic Con Portugal on December 8 for a panel on "The Portuguese manga "Dreamland Protectors" and the project young authors "A Ferreira em Mangá".

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