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relâmpago amarelo
The activation of Doritos "Solta a tua Garra"
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With products with intense flavors, the Doritos brand stands out for its boldness. Crispy triangles are a favorite choice of many young generations, including Gen Z, across the world. The brand will be present at Comic Con Portugal 2022 to test a very important super power in a superhero: Claw! A mix of an Arcade game and teamwork, the dynamic provided by Doritos promises an incredible adventure. Activation of Doritos: The activation of Doritos "Solta a tua Garra", designed to be experienced between two people, consists of a recreation of the famous arcade machines. On the joy stick we will have a person and on the claw a second person and they cannot be seen. The purpose is to play the game “their way” as a duo in order to collect as many prizes as possible. Time is also critical, as participants will only have 30 seconds to attempt this feat.

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