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Juror of the Cosplay Heroes Contest
10 e 11 DEZEMBRO

Dora a.k.a Dorothy Dare, 26 years old is a nurse, fashion designer but above all, COSPLAYER! What started as a simple first trip to Iberanime LX in 2015 sparked a passion for the art that is Cosplay. Although nursing is "the art of caring", right after finishing the course she decided to take a fashion design course, another art, to acquire more skills and thus develop and improve her Cosplays. It started in international contests with the aim of one day being able to represent our country. Done that achieved! In 2019 I was able to represent Portugal in Paris. After the pandemic, he also represented the country in the "Cosplay World Masters" competition. Thanks to this art, she traveled to some countries as a guest and was able to learn and share countless experiences with people who love and live art in the same way as Dora! Cosplay unites people and only demonstrates the love and affection we have for this art! She was also an ambassador for the Lisboa Games Week event, made advertisements for the French Franchising "Fnac" and worked at Rock in Rio as a Cosplayer. In the various events, it seeks to teach, motivate and help those who want to get into Cosplay and produce their own pieces, as Cosplay has no restrictions, age, gender or form. ANYONE CAN COSPLAY!

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