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Donuts Bolachas

Donuts Bolachas will be present at Comic Con Portugal with a brand activation. This includes product distribution but also the presence of a very special and Instagrammable Walker. Since 1986, Donuts, the leading brand of pretzels in Portugal, has been delighting the Portuguese with a unique and unmistakable flavor, texture and shape! Now they've done the absurd thing of crushing the Donuts and turning them into cookies! Crispy donuts? Yes, it's absurd…in good! The same shape as a donut, but now with the crunchiness of a cracker and with the true and traditional taste of Donuts… if they weren't stuffed with real Donuts! We have three different formats: Sandwich Cookies with real Donut filling; Sandwich Cookies with chocolate coating and Donut filling; Thin Cookies with a thin Donut coating.‍

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