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"Codex 362", the first book by José Rodrigues dos Santos
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"Codex 362", the first book by José Rodrigues dos Santos of the saga of Tomás de Noronha, will be adapted to television. RTP will debut a series of six episodes, each with about 45 minutes, recorded between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.Sérgio Graciano is a director, while the screenwriter responsible for the adaptation is Pedro Lopes (the main screenwriter of "Glória", the first Portuguese original series for Netflix)."The Codex 632" was a huge bestseller that, according to journalist and author José Rodrigues dos Santos, was based on historical documents. The narrative focuses on an enigmatic message found among the roles that an old historian had left in Rio de Janeiro before he died.The protagonist is a professor of History at the New University of Lisbon, expert in cryptanalysis and ancient languages, who is hired to decode a message. His name is Thomas Noronha. Your mission will lead you to unravel the true identity and objective of Christopher Columbus."Codex 362" jumps directly from the books to the Comic Con Portugal stage on December 11 at the Golden Theatre. The panel will be attended by José Rodrigues dos Santos (writer of the book), actor Paulo Pires, Sérgio Graciano, Pedro Lopes and RTP Director José Fragoso.

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