François Boucq was born in France in 1955 and, although he began his career in press illustration, with caricatures for magazines as prestigious as Le Point, L’Expansion or Privé, it is in comics that François Boucq will gain notoriety.
From his previous experience, he retains a strong taste for expressive faces and meticulous drawing, enhanced by an exceptional sense of framing and mise en scène. Known for his humorous narratives, in which the absurd often rivals parody, he creates the character Jérôme Moucherot, an insurance agent different from the others, who travels through the jungle of existence in a leopard suit.
Gifted with an unusual capacity for work, François Boucq easily puts aside humour to dedicate himself to more realistic narratives. He thus adapts the American novelist Charyn (The Magician’s Wife, The Devil’s Mouth, Little Tulip, New York Cannibals), explores the western with Jodorowsky in the pages of Bouncer, or the Vatican secret services with Sente in The Guardian. Giraud’s direct heir, Boucq opened doors in realist drawing. Over the years, this synthesis between caricature and rigor, clarity and precision, has given rise to a unique style, which allows Boucq to revisit all genres of storytelling with the same vivacity.
Boucq was awarded the Grand Prix de Angoulême in 1998 and the Albert Uderzo Prize (for lifetime achievement) in 2007.
François Boucq will be at the Biggest Iberian Pop Culture Event to talk about his career and meet his fans at an autograph session!